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ASTM A 1023/A 1023M

The ASTM A 1023/A 1023M is published by The American Society for Testing and Materials and made available by the Wire Rope Technical Board through an arrangement with ASTM. The standard is the culmination of a joint effort between the domestic wire rope manufacturers and wire rope users. This specification covers the general requirements for the more common types of stranded steel wire ropes. Included in this specification are wire ropes in various grades and constructions from ¼ in. (6mm) to 2-3/8 in. (60 mm) manufactured from uncoated or metallic coated wire. Also included are cord products from metallic coated wire. Select order form for a printable version of the form. This specification was developed with the intention to be the replacement for the Federal Specification Wire Rope and Strand, RR-W-410.

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The Wire Rope Users Manual, Fourth Edition, December 2005, is now available. It is published by the Wire Rope Technical Board and is the culmination of a joint effort by the domestic wire rope industry. This 160 page manual is a comprehensive and convenient source of reference data covering areas such as wire rope components; identification and construction; handling and installation; operation, inspection and maintenance; and physical properties. The information provided helps establish sound practices in rope selection and application. In addition, the fourth edition includes a new section to serve as guidance for the safe use of rope and sling products: Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin and Wire Rope Inspection Form. Select ‘Print Order Form’ for prices and ordering information.

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The Wire Rope Sling User’s Manual Third Edition is published by the Wire Rope Technical Board and is the culmination of a joint effort between the domestic wire rope manufacturers and members of the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators. This 174 page manual discusses established criteria for most types of wire rope slings. Mechanical and hand spliced methods are described in detail as well as methods of determining rated capacities for single leg, multi-leg, braided and various grommet type slings. Extensive rated capacity tables are included for these slings. Guidelines for proper rigging and detailed socketing procedures are also found in this manual. Select order form for a printable version of the form.


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Guidelines for inspecting a wire rope system or installation are now available in a new 12-page brochure available from the Wire Rope Technical Board. This brochure is a companion piece to WRTB's 4-page Wire Rope & Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin.  It is very useful for conducting Safety Meetings and training sessions that many customers request.

    The WRTB recently completed this brochure presenting important guidelines for inspecting wire rope systems or installations, excerpted from the newly published 4th Edition of the Wire Rope Users Manual. The publication provides a clear and concise approach to assisting wire rope users' needs to comply with industry and governmental regulations that require inspections of individual ropes, fittings and attachments, as well as entire operating systems at regularly scheduled intervals. In addition to information and criteria, the brochure includes a blank Inspection Form, which may be easily copied for recording results of regular inspections for the permanent, written files required by many regulations. 

    They are available in 25-copy shrink-wrapped bundles from WRTB Fulfillment.  The price of the brochures is $15.00 per 25-copy bundles.  Copies of the Order Form can be obtained from  or by contacting WRTB Fulfillment at 888.289.9782.

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This four page bulletin contains information that every user should know about use and care of wire rope and wire rope slings. Included are discussions on rope strength, design factor, rated load, inspection, proper sling use and more. The Safety Bulletins make excellent tools and handouts for training meetings and sessions on wire rope and wire rope slings. These bulletins are available in packages of 100. See order form for details.


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These warning labels were designed by the Wire Rope Technical Board for use with all wire rope products. A warning label should accompany all wire ropes and wire rope slings provided to the user. For rope, these labels are available in packages of 250 in either flat Tyvek, eyelet Tyvek or self-adhesive Mylar. The flat version is ideally suited for stapling to the flanges of wood reels, the eyelet version is ideal for tying to coils of wire rope or wire rope assemblies and the adhesive is ideally suited for attaching the warning tag to metal reels. For wire rope slings, they are available in packages of 1000 in tractor feed fan fold Tyvek. The fan fold tags also have blanks for the sling fabricator to include the rated load information required by the ASME B 30.9 Standard. See order form for details.

FLAT tags are now available printed in both SPANISH & ENGLISH.
One language is printed on each side.
See order form.

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All metal and plastic groove gauges made available by the WRTB (both inch and metric) are sized at the nominal rope diameter plus 2 1/2%. This groove size is the minimum diameter of a sheave or drum groove where applicable standards recommend replacement or re-machining.

Metal groove gauge sets are available in five different group sizes. There is a minimum quantity of 5 sets per size required. The group sizes are:

Group I (1/4 – 1-1/8)
Group I Special (1/4 – 1-1/2)
Group II (1-1/4 – 2-1/2)
Group III (1/2 – 1-1/4)
Group IV (3/8 – 1)

The plastic groove gauge sets are available in both inch and metric sizes. The inch sets consist of 14 gauge sizes from ¼” - 1-1/2”. The metric sets consist of 17 gauge sizes from 6mm – 38mm. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 sets per size required. The inch gauges and the metric gauges are different colors to facilitate their identity. Hot stamping with your company’s personalized logo or other information is available. On large orders, special colorized gauges are available upon request. See order form for details.